Father's Day BBQ Ideas

Father’s Day BBQ Ideas

For those who didn’t realize, Father’s Day is right around the corner. If you haven’t already, now is the time to quickly plan something or purchase a gift. However, if you’re someone who isn’t sure of what to get your dad or where to take him, barbeque has always been a good idea. Nothing beats drinking a refreshingly cold beer on a hot summer day while cooking up some good food. Some dads may not cook on a regular basis but, they’ll be the first to run to the grill as soon as they hear the word barbeque. With that being said, if you are really stumped on what to do, here’s our list of some fun and delicious Father’s Day bbq ideas.

Father’s Day BBQ Ideas

When people picture a family barbeque, it’s always filled with lots of fun and laughter, music playing in the background and of course, various cuts of delicious tasting meats. Nothing can compare to the smell of smokey steaks, burgers, and hot dogs. Whether your father likes to prepare, cook, or eat barbeque, there’s something for everyone on this list. You’ll find a variety of gift ideas, and things to do so, let’s get started.

Father’s Day Gifts

Gifts usually take the least amount of preparation and if you’re a really busy person, this is the best option for you. Here are some barbeque-related gift ideas you can purchase on the fly for your dad!

Grill Set

Your father will definitely feel like a professional pit master with a brand-new shiny grill set. The grill set you purchase should contain all the necessary tools your dad will need or at least the basics. Look for one that includes a handy spatula, a barbeque fork, a sturdy grill scraper, a basting brush and tongs. Here is a list of the best grill sets for when you want to splurge or are on a budget.


Some like to eyeball their ingredients while others like to follow the recipe to the letter. Regardless, one of the best Father’s Day bbq ideas includes purchasing a cookbook. It will definitely spice up your dad’s next grill session and provide new inspiration. Try new recipes, integrate new ingredients, and create new delectable culinary masterpieces. Check out this list for some of the best bbq cookbooks of 2022.

Barbeque Grill

Maybe your dad has always dreamed of owning his own grill or the old grill is way overdue for replacement. What would make a better gift than a barbeque grill? Reignite old memories or start new ones with your family and new bbq grill. Here are 10 highly recommended barbeque grills to get you started.

Things To Do On Father’s Day

Now that we’ve discussed gifts, we’re moving on to activities and events you can do with your father instead. These Father’s Day bbq ideas may take a little longer to plan but the results? A happy memory you and your family will cherish for the rest of your lives.

Ribs & Beer Festival

What better way to celebrate than by eating a ton of mouth-watering ribs and drinking beers with your dad! The Brampton Rib & Beer Festival will be going on from June 17 to June 19 at Chinguacousy Park. Expect live entertainment, a super fun kids’ zone, classic carnival treats and more. The best part about this idea is that no plan is needed.

Beach BBQ Lunch

Instead of barbequing in your own backyard this Father’s Day, why not take it to your local beach and make it a whole family outing? The kids can play around in the sand, and let’s be honest…who isn’t famished after a nice swim? Once the food’s done cooking everyone can sit around and relax. Nothing means more than spending quality time with one another.

Gospel Lunch & Patio Party

You go to one place and you get double the excitement. Hogtown Smokes has decided to host two events for Father’s Day and that is their back-to-back gospel lunch and patio party. Sit inside a converted church-style restaurant and experience southern staples, Canadian classics, signature specials, bottomless mimosas, caesars and more. After lunch, party all day on their backyard-style patio. They got a live DJ that will be blasting music all afternoon. The gospel lunch will be going on from 9 am to 3 pm so, don’t miss out!

Chow Down At Hogtown Smoke

That’s it for our list of Father’s Day bbq ideas. Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Father’s Day celebration! Hogtown Smoke is a father-son-owned smoked barbeque restaurant that actually started out as a food truck. After years of hard work and a strong passion for barbeque, the food truck turned into a full-blown restaurant. Now, they’re located at Stoney Creek inside a converted church with a huge backyard-style patio. They have events and deals going on practically every day of the week including their Sunday gospel lunch. Enjoy live music played by local rock bands, test your knowledge with Monday trivia nights and of course, chow down on a ton of mouthwatering smoked meat.

Visit Hogtown Smoke or call today to make a reservation!